Popular flirt app Jaumo reaches one million members

1 Million Mitglieder

Mobile flirting has become part of everyday life for millions of people and for many of them Jaumo is the first place to get to know new people. Nearly two years after the launch of our Android and iOS app we are happy that we have cracked the one million member mark last night.

The free app has also shown an increased growth abroad over the last months and is one of the fastest growing social networks these days. Meanwhile Jaumo is available in 15 languages. With 4.50 out of 5 stars on Google Play and the Apple AppStore Jaumo is one of the most popular flirt- and dating app worldwide and is in over 30 countries in the Top 100 of the Social Networks category. The popular Android Magazine has named Jaumo as “Flirt-App of the Year 2013”.

There is no anonymous profit machine behind Jaumo. We are two friends working together on the idea to connect people with the help of a great app. We had the idea in 2011 and want to provide a better alternative to the many flirting and dating services which are mainly expensive, unfair and too complicated. We kept everything as simple as possible so that the fun and the people are in the foreground. For us, communication between members is most important. Therefore, we call Jaumo as the first “Flirt Messenger” in the world and we combine the advantages of a mobile messenger with features that allows anonymous discovering new people nearby.

Jaumo at a glance:

  • Average age: 28.5 years
  • 35 % women, 65 % men
  • Top 5 countries: Germany 45 %, U.S. 15 %, Italy 8 %, Austria 4 %, UK 4 %
  • up to 10,000 registrations per day (depends on the weekday)
  • over 750,000 messages daily
  • 1.9 million reviewed profile pictures active

We look forward to continuing our work with a lot of joy and passion in this amazing challenge. 1 million members - one million times thank you!

Benny & Jens

Merhaba! Seven more languages added

new languages

Jaumo is steadily expanding its international reach: we have added Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Polish and Hindi and thus provide Jaumo now in 15 languages.

We are looking for translators that help us to optimize the translations and work with us on new updates. Anyone who has good English skills and speaks on of the 15 languages can join. Simply sign-up at translate.jaumo.com

New permissions for the Jaumo Android 2.3 update

Android 2.3 Update

We are deploying the Jaumo Android version 2.3 update and require three new permissions:

1. Access to contacts and profile data

A new feature in 2.3 is the ability to find friends in Jaumo. You can very easily find out whether you already know someone at Jaumo. We received a lot of feedback regarding a feature to connect with friends. We use a Facebook connection (when connected) and the address book. A very important note on that: we never send or post something without your permission! All data will be stored encrypted as a so-called hash-value and is used exclusively for finding friends within Jaumo. 

With the friendfinder, which can be found in the contacts, you can also invite your friends to Jaumo. We give 5 coins for each invitation. 

With the update we introduced two new privacy options:

  • You can specify who can contact you. For example only members that match exactly your own desired partner can get in touch with you. Also new is the possibility to limit contacts to people who live in your country.
  • It is also possible to remain completely anonymous even to your own friends so that the friendfinder cannot find you.

2. Access to external storage

By popular demand we have expanded opportunities to earn free coins. In addition to our existing partner Sponsorpay there is now also our new partner SupersonicAds integrated.  You can earn up to 1,000 coins daily. Both offer a range of daily changing offers for which you get free coins as a thank you from us. Many of the offers are completely free and include for example downloading a free game or a new great app. The new partner requires permission to save to external storage so the deals will load faster.

The update is available to all members in the next few days. Included are numerous further improvements such as the swipe between profiles in search results and a few minor bug fixes. For questions we are at your disposal!

More and more couples met online

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In a recently published study (in German) of the German Singlebörsen-Vergleich.de found out that every sixth marriage begins on a flirting site on the internet. The trend has significantly increased in recent years and is likely to play an ever greater role in the future. In the study 2,453 civil registry offices in Germany were interviewed. It is assumed, according to the study, the actual marriages are much higher because not fresh at each married couple present the story of getting to know.

Still looking for the right partner? Or do you want to discover new people in your area? Check out our Jaumo Flirt Messenger!

Better translations for Jaumo

Translator wanted

We want to improve the translations for our apps and the website in the next weeks. We constantly get feedback from our members that texts are in need of optimization in some places. At the moment we translate every new feature with Google Translate and similar tools to all eight languages of Jaumo. We are just a two-man company with an average of at least one feature release per month per platform (Web, Android and iOS) and any other solution was not possible up to now.

We want to do it better in the future and we are looking for volunteer translator who help us. Anyone willing to help can sign up at translate.jaumo.com and there directly translate corrections to existing texts as well as completely new languages. We want to improve the existing languages ​​such as Dutch or Spanish, but also want new translations for Jaumo such as Turkish and Polish. You want to help? That’s great! Sign up at our translation tool and if you have any questions ask Jens.

New Jaumo logo


With the new version 2.2 of the Jaumo Android and iOS app, which will be published in the next few days, the change to the new Jaumo logo is completed. The website and other channels such as Facebook have been already changed a few days ago. The colors are the same but the logo has been slightly modernized and is now more App Store-friendly.

We find that the logo fits better to our clean user interface and it also emphasizes the fact that Jaumo is a “Flirt Messenger”. Unlike WhatsApp and co you can chat with Jaumo completely anonymous with new people nearby and you do not have to reveal your name or phone number.

Modern design for the website: Jaumo 2.0 released

Jaumo Webseite 2.0

After the release of the new Android and iOS apps with a more modern and fresh design a few weeks ago, we released this week the new version of the website. 

What’s new?

  • A much more cleaner design for the whole website
  • New homepage with more information about Jaumo
  • News feed with bigger pictures and more details about the user
  • Spotlight as an extra element over the news feed
  • Responsive layout
  • A new about-us page with the Story behind Jaumo
  • It is easier than ever to earn free-coins

We hope you like it!

Jaumo Android App 2.0 released

Jaumo 2.0

We started with the release of the new Jaumo Android 2.0 version yesterday. We now have on Android the same features as on the previously released Jaumo iOS-App 2.0.

The new version offers again a lot of great improvements:

  • a larger view of the news feed. Images and text are now displayed more clearly and more readable. 

  • improved member profiles

  • it is now possible to search for usernames in the app. The search is in the slidemenu on the right. If you type one or two letters the search is for your contacts and with three letters or more for all usernames on Jaumo. 

  • improved presentation of messages

  • you can now change your e-mail address directly in the app

  • the sign-up has been simplified

  • some bugfixes and speed improvements

The app should be available for everyone within the next days. We know there is a current issue regarding Samsung devices that could cause a crash when the news feed is used for a long time. 

The Jaumo Flirt-App is available for free on Google Play.

Ten tips for the first date

first date
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First dates can be tricky and even more if you met someone online. For many people meeting the first time in person is an exciting thrill but others feel unpleasant: Is my partner really the way I imagine him? Will we get along well? Do I meet his expectations? The transition from purely virtual contact to the offline world may be littered with many pitfalls. Thus, to have an enjoyable and memorable first date we have compiled a few tips:

1. The right place for the first date
It is important that you not only choose a safe place, but also a location where you feel comfortable. On the first date you are already nervous enough as uncertainty or nervousness should not also be added from the wrong location choice. You don’t want to be late because you stuck in traffic on the way to visit a place you have never seen before. It is important to stay in your comfort zone, where you can relax and be open for a nice conversation. Choose a location where you can talk. Besides the all-time classic a visit in a café you can also try to visit the zoo, museum, an exhibition, a high ropes course, the flea market or go a boat tour if the weather is fine.

2. Be yourself
In the virtual world things are exaggerated or better than they actually are. This is quite normal and can happen on both sides. The profile photo is maybe a couple of years old and shows a perfect picture detail or hides a few flaws. So what? The first date is an opportunity for both to give a more real picture. Be as honest as you’d expect from your partner.

3. The right outfit
Prepare a day before the first date. This saves hassle before the appointment. Pay attention to details: clean shoes are just as important as a spotless shirt or t-shirt.

4. Be on time
Plan enough time and prefer to be a few minutes earlier at the meeting point. Tardiness can quickly leave the wrong impression. If you’re late at least give short notice by phone call or SMS.

5. Bring good mood
Stress at work or trouble with the boss? Even if the day was crap and the mood is gone, this has to change until the date. Do something that brings you to other ideas and does you good. Go for a jog, listen to loud music or take a relaxing bath.

6. Keep your cell phone face-down
Pay full attention to your partner and not to your phone. The constant look at the smartphone, phone calls or even writing a SMS are absolutely taboo and only indicate disinterest or boredom.

7. The right topics - and the wrong
There are many issues that do not fit to a first date such as the ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, marriage planning, an apartment together, the desire for children, sex, controversial topics like religion or politics, boring topics like the stock index or football (if not both are stockbroker or football player), diseases and death. Tell about your hobbies, funny situations from the past, the last holiday, the last book you read or common interests. Keep the question ratio at least 1:1.

8. Cap your drinks at three
A sip of alcohol can certainly brighten up the mood. But you should only drink alcohol when your partner does. To have a great memory on your fist date you should not cross the line no matter how many beer cans you crush on your head on weekends.

9. One step at a time
Even if the first date went great, the butterflies flying around in your stomach all day and you can only think of her or him - keep calm and stay relaxed. Don’t act desperate or clingy. No one wants to be bombarded with phone calls or messages. To express the anticipation before the first date, write a short message like “I am looking forward to tonight!”.

10. Practice makes perfect
Even your first date has failed: do not hang your head! You only get practical experience and self-confidence if you go on many first dates. You already know the right place for the best dates in your area

And always remember: you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Preview: new Jaumo 2.0 iOS 7 app to be released soon

Jaumo 2.0

Apple announced yesterday the release date of iOS 7 (on October 18th) and with the new release comes almost at the same time the new Jaumo version 2.0 for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).

We have completely redesigned the app in the last few weeks and have a lot of great new features:

  • new iOS 7 design
  • bigger and better representations of the news feed
  • Spotlight will be clearly displayed above the news feed
  • User profiles have been redesigned and are now clearly represented with larger profile images
  • Search for usernames is now possible - a most wanted feature
  • improved support for iPad
  • more settings: vibrate on/off, play sound when new messages arrive, change email address
  • new representation of the messages
  • many detailed optimizations

We look forward to the release by Apple and hope that you will like the new version as much as we do!